Berlin, together with Barcelona and other 27 European cities, are members of Xarxa FP (, a European network of cities present in 13 EU countries working together on Vocational Education and Training (VET) European Mobility and Innovation projects.

The main objective of this network is to set up students and teachers mobility’s in VET in a qualitative way. In fact the management of Xarxa FP mobility actions are certified by ISO quality standards (ISO 9001:2015) since 2007.

We are in a process of expanding our network.

Last year Xarxa FP arranged almost 700 mobility actions among 25 European cities members of the network: around 400 work placements for VET students and more than 250 training actions for VET teachers.

The funding for VET mobility actions comes mostly from the Erasmus + programme. The added value of the network is that our cooperation is based on mutual trust, meaning that we do not charge our partners for the management of mobilities and the development of new projects. 

Moreover the network also tries to promote innovative projects in the field of VET. For instance, this year XarxaFP will submit a KA2 project proposal on Industry 4.0 and other members of the network will also submit KA2 project proposals in other fields of interest, like Tourism for example.